Randy schneewind

Chief Executive Officer

Randy Schneewind serves as the Chief Executive Officer of The Berg Group, a position he has held twice, returning to his role after an impressive tenure as owner. His journey with The Berg Group began 31 years ago in September 1992. Over the years, Randy has served in various capacities, including Estimator/Project Manager, Vice President, President, and CEO, demonstrating his breadth of leadership skills and his innate ability to manage and inspire teams.

As a leader, Randy has skillfully managed teams of professionals, guiding them towards achieving both their individual career goals and the broader objectives of the organization. His focus on people-centric strategies has played a significant role in the company’s continuous growth.

With more than three decades of exemplary service to The Berg Group, Randy Schneewind has solidified his legacy as a visionary leader. His continued dedication to the company’s mission and his tireless efforts to propel its growth are a testament to his unwavering commitment and inspirational leadership.